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Sweet Honey Farmacy is committed to using locally sourced, ethically wildcrafted, and organic ingredients in all of our products.

19779 SE Langensand Rd
Sandy, OR 97055
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Sweet Honey Farmacy creates homegrown foods and handcrafted herbal treatements made in samll batches in Sandy, Oregon.


Winter Menu

Winter is such a precious time. It is the season to store the harvest, to find deep rest and to turn inwards. Winter is the time of fat and fire, when we wrap up against the cold and cozy up to the wood stove. It is the time to sip hot tea, to eat warm nourishing foods and to strengthen our immune systems against the cold and damp. All the formulas and foods below are crafted from seasonally appropriate items to encourage deep nourishment and healthful support through the darker days of winter.

Bone Broth – A nourishing treat; vitamin and mineral rich. Add to soups and stews or sip straight. Great for working with candida, IBS and other digestive issues. A great way to stave off a cold or to help nurse our way through any seasonal illness.

Fire Cider – A healing tonic made with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory & antiviral spices to help against winter ailments. Also, aiding in digestion, Fire Cider is a great addition to a winter diet.

Herbal Throat and Lung Elixir- made with herbs to support and nourish the respiratory system from your lungs to your throat. Has a smooth and sweet flavor with the added benefits of raw honey.

Dry Beans Soup Mix - Eating seasonally is what our bodies are designed to do. These organic dry beans are high in protein and vitamins.

Potatoes - Rich in protein and a great addition to any winter meal.

Daikon Kimchee – Fermenting is a great way to preserve nutrients in vegetables as well as increase probiotic intake. This Kimchee has spice that helps increase circulation and helps aid digestion.

Herbal Gomasio – Traditionally a Japanese seasoning, this herbal garnish is high in magnesium and calcium, complimented with nettles, seaweed, purslane and other mineral rich herbs.

Goat Soap – made with raw goat's milk & herbs from our farm, a sure way to uplift the spirits during the short days of winter.

Sauerkraut – Another fermented vegetable that is a great addition to any diet. Full of beneficial bacteria and a great way to preserve the bounty of summer.

Home Grown Tomato Sauce - This rich tangy sauce is summer in a bottle! Great with pasta, on pizza or in a hearty winter stew. From tomatoes grown on our farm.