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Sweet Honey Farmacy is committed to using locally sourced, ethically wildcrafted, and organic ingredients in all of our products.

19779 SE Langensand Rd
Sandy, OR 97055
United States

Sweet Honey Farmacy creates homegrown foods and handcrafted herbal treatements made in samll batches in Sandy, Oregon.


Tulsi + Ginger Infused Honey


Tulsi + Ginger Infused Honey


Our infused honey is a perfect addition to your morning cup of tea, spread on warm bread with butter, or straight from the jar. Tulsi is an adaptogen, meaning it helps your body to adapt in the presence of dis-ease. Whether you're suffering from a cold, flu, headache, or menstrual cramps, Tulsi is here to help! Tulsi is great for bolstering the adrenal system, relieving stress and anxiety, and is gently soothing to the digestive tract. Ginger is added for its anti-inflammatory and warming properties which can aid in digestion, help move stagnant blood, and soothe inflamed joints and muscles. We extract these powerful healing herbs into a base of Oregon harvested, raw, and unfiltered honey, using a low heat method to preserve the product's potency. 6 oz jar. Ingredient: Organic Fresh Ginger Root, Organic Tulsi Basil, Oregon Honey.

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