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Sweet Honey Farmacy is committed to using locally sourced, ethically wildcrafted, and organic ingredients in all of our products.

19779 SE Langensand Rd
Sandy, OR 97055
United States

Sweet Honey Farmacy creates homegrown foods and handcrafted herbal treatements made in samll batches in Sandy, Oregon.


Digestive Bitters 1oz


Digestive Bitters 1oz


Bitters are an essential part of any diet. Using bitters before eating is a wonderful way to prepare the stomach for healthy and effective digestion. Digestive Bitters begin working as soon as they hit your taste buds. Our Digestive Bitters includes calming, pungent, and aromatic herbs. These add a warming quality to our formula relieving flatulence, stomach cramping, and indigestion. Bitters are a true tonic that should be taken regularly over time in the same way that bitter foods would be consumed. Ingredients: Organic Fresh Orange Peel, Organic Fresh Ginger, Organic Fennel, Organic Chamomile, Organic Skullcap, Organic Black Pepper, Alcohol and Oregon Honey. 1 oz bottle.

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